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About Our Practice

Internal Medicine and Primary Care Specialists (IMPCS) doctors are true advocates and key stakeholders for your long-term health and well-being.


Our doctors specialize in thorough patient communication and two-way dialogue, making sure your concerns and questions are heard. Your doctor’s mission is to give you the highest quality care in a very personal, friendly, and open door environment. Every member of the staff wants you to feel like you are part of the IMPCS family.

The IMPCS physicians and staff, led by Dr. Lawrence Dell, possess a well-rounded knowledge base in all major medical specialties and are capable of diagnosing and treating virtually any ailment.


As an IMPCS patient, you can count on incredibly comprehensive and complete care under one roof, under the guidance and direction of your own personal physician.


IMPCS is one of the largest in-house medical testing centers in the state of Michigan. The Internal Medicine staff can usually conduct any diagnostic test you may need in house, saving you the trouble of scheduling and driving to testing facilities and labs around town. When the situation arises, IMPCS doctors can refer you to a highly qualified specialist right inside the Lakes Medical Center building where our suite is located.


Should you have an after-hours health concern, our emergency-room-trained staff of physicians at Lakes Urgent Care (which is in the same office space used by Internal Medicine during the day) will give you seamless care Monday-Friday until 10pm, Weekends/Holidays 9am-6pm.

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